Every single day, we make choices – from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat. But, once in a while, we make the kind of big decisions that change everything. Step into the world of Crossings and get to know characters who have arrived at that critical crossroads in their lives. The choices they will make in this bold double-bill of original plays will change their journeys forever: setting them on the road to self-discovery… or self-destruction.

Vix, a social media darling, and a prickly, forgetful mother are thrown together in the aftermath of a tragic train accident. Vix resolves to help her elderly companion in the best way she knows how – through selfie sticks and videos. But how do you rescue someone who cannot even remember her own loved ones? And what happens when difficult truths come tumbling out? A strange tale of memories and lives shrouded in darkness, The Mother, The Son and the Holy Ghost explores what it takes to walk through the tunnel and into the light.

Happy and in love, Danielle and Chris are just about to tie the knot. But not everything is as it seems. Within their picture-perfect relationship lies a train-wreck of betrayal and abuse: from an unlikely affair to the sudden appearance of a former lover. As the champagne gets warm and the cake waits to be cut in Arbitrio, Danielle and Chris have to deal with the choices they made in the past, the emotional entanglements of the present and the uncertainty of the future.

Bold, inventive and thought-provoking, young & W!LD’s Crossings is a celebration of new Singapore voices and talent, brought to you by W!LD RICE and directors Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho.

Advisory 16 (Some homosexual content and coarse language)
Duration: 2 hours (includes 15-minute intermission)

young & W!LD is a division of W!LD RICE dedicated to training and nurturing Singapore's most promising young talents. This innovative training programme aims to prepare the next generation of theatre practitioners for careers in our professional theatre industry.

young & W!LD is made possible by the generous support of Simone Lourey & William Randall.


- $5 discount for Students, Senior Citizens aged 55 years & above and NSF

  • Input promotional code: CONCESSION to enjoy the discount
Please present your relevant ID with your tickets at the venue upon entry.

- 20% discount
for group bookings of 20-49 tickets

- 25% discount for group bookings of 50 tickets and above

  • For bookings of 20 tickets and above, please contact Ross Toh at 6292 2695 or email sales@wildrice.com.sg
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Feb 15 - Feb 19, 2017
[ Wed ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Centre 42 Black Box
Wed, 15 Feb, 8pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Thurs, 16 Feb, 8pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Fri, 17 Feb, 8pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Sat, 18 Feb, 3pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Sat, 18 Feb, 8pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Sun, 19 Feb, 3pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Sun, 19 Feb, 8pm SOLD OUT $30.00
Venue Address
Centre 42, Black Box, 42 Waterloo St, Singapore 187951 Singapore

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